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Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook

     I found this book a couple of months ago. It reminded me of Scrivener but on paper, which I think is a big plus, especially if you're the type of writer that enjoys writing on paper rather than digitally.
     If you click on the title, it'll take you to amazon. You can purchase the book for 23$ CAD but you can also get the individual pages on Etsy.com as a digital download and print them off. You can get these pages for FREE, if you buy the book, leave a review and send an email to the publisher with a copy of your receipt and a link to the review.
     The book contains a lot of material. I'll cover a few of them but you can see more of them at Author Zoo on Etsy. One of the first pages is a Brain Dump page. The page title really says it all. All your thoughts an idea's, just dump them onto the page. :)
     You can take your stuff from the Brain Dump page and begin fleshing it out on the Story Brainstrom. Sections for your Protagonist, Antagonist, backstories, goals, problems to solve. Setting and Place, Genre of your novel, story theme and more.
     Further in, we get more in-depth profile pages. Not just for the Protagonist and Antagonist but general character sheets as well.
     Setting Pages; Town, Years, Season. One thing I like about this page is asks you to describe the setting from the Protagonist and Antagonist POV. Have you ever seen Jack Gleeson's My God it's Sunny Outside? Quite great when it comes to viewing things from different POV's.

     It gets a little more detailed with notes for each chapter. Touching on External Conflict, Internal Conflict, Plot Points, Day Time, Setting and the Characters in the chapter.
      Some of my favourite pages in the book are the Monthly Writing Planner. Your Word Count Goal and then your actually Word Count. There's enough pages in the book to cover a years worth of writing. Not shown is a section on the side which you can fill in To-Do lists for that week.

     The book gives you a nice foot up in a lot of things you'll need to do when writing a novel. Of course everyone has their own style, their own methods. A Panster might die looking at this, while a Planner might fall in love. Personally, I like it...though as you can see, I haven't used mine yet. This isn't the only book like this on the market, if you search you might find others that suit you better. Some other pages in the book that I haven't touched on are; blank pages in the back for Notes and Scrapbook (art pages), Word Pages (pages that contain other words for 'look', go, words to describe someones voice), There are Editing Pages, Writing Exercise pages, Show - don't tell pages. Plenty to help a person along in their plans to write a novel.

My goodness. I'm not sure about all you wonderful people that regularly decide to punish yourselves with the A to Z Challenge AND Camp NaNoWriMo.

I'm quite happy it's May. :)

You may have noticed that throughout the month I stopped trying to make my stories 200words. Mostly that happened because I realized the editminion was giving me a different word count than other programs. So none of my double drabbles are actually 200words anyways.

I also stopped commenting and such. I hope to go back around to all the wonderful blogs I found throughout the month and continue to read and post! I hope we'll continue to be friends. :)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and read my stories and left a comment, or didn't leave a comment. Your visit was appreciated never-the-less.

I did get several comments on the pictures I used. For the most part if you clicked the picture it would take you to the source, some pictures I could not find sources for and they just seemed to pop out of obserity that is the Internet. Also, the tutelage lead to additional information. :)

Again, thank you. It was fun to be a part of this challenge. I managed to complete it and meet my 40k goal for Camo NaNo. It was a crazy writing month!

I hear...

     I hear the tap of fingers across a keyboard, and I would think they were my own had I not heard them before I started typing. The sound echoes from upstairs. There are computers up there, too many for our own good. But there is no one up there; well, no human.
     My children are off to school, my husband to work.
     Autumn, our dog, is upstairs. I imagine she's sleeping stretched out on a child's bed, like she does every day when they go off to school without her. I doubt she's tapping away at the computer, writing about how agonizing it is to be left alone each and every day, abandoned by her pack. Left with only me for comfort.
     Now that I've started to type, the sound has faded. The only typing is my own and the buzz of my laptop. Occasionally, I can hear a bird's twitter outside.
     It's cold in here, too cold for spring. Too cold for my fingers to be left exposed racing across a keyboard.
     But the sound called to me, the clicking of a keyboard from upstairs. Someone, something was writing, as if to say it should be me.


http://jonathandufresne.deviantart.com/     My eyes could be playing tricks on me. I didn't know. Lost for a week in the desert it seemed impossible that I was still alive. I tucked the shirt against my face, blocking out the sun as I squinted at the two black pillars that gleamed at the edge of the dune.
     God, another dune.
     Climbing the bastard would be worth it if there was a city on the other side, or anything else for that matter. Anything but sand.
     My hands dug deep into the hot white ground as I crawled inch by painful inch to the top.
     The dry heat of the desert tried to chock me, and I gasped for breath before collapsing at the peak and stared at the dust covered stone.
     Ancient and black, two statues stood tall and strong. Stern black faces stared straight into my soul. Beyond the stone guardians a city of opalescent white shone beneath the sun, beckoning me even as the guardians warned me; once I entered that city I would never leave.


     It loomed over me, the largest specimen of its kind that I've seen. Among the other trees of the National Park it wasn't exactly out of place. All the Red Woods and Sequoias were massive. The largest trees in the world.
     But this was an Ashwood.
     How had it gone unnoticed? The branches spread so wide and far that the tree tops of the surrounding red woods got lost in its foliage
     I reached out and touched the ridged grey bark of the tree and smiled. It was warm beneath my fingers.
    Craning my neck back, I stared up into the branches and shook my head in wonder, stepping back as a helicopter seed drifted downwards on the breeze. I held out my hand and the key floated into it. It was the size of my palm and the green pod pulsed with life.
     Wind whipped through the clearing and I clenched the seed to my chest, moving closer to the tree for cover. With seed in hand, I braced myself as against the tree, and as we made contact the tree flared with light and I closed my eyes against it.
     The wind died down and I peeked opened my eyes. A door of light glowed within the trunk of the tree and the key, the seed of the Ashwood, crumbled in my hand. I stared open-mouthed at the doorway, goosebumps moving up my arms.
     A rainbow bridge spanned from the door, into the tree and a shadowy figure stepped forward.
     "Yggdrasil has favoured you mortal and has granted you access to the corridor between worlds, do you wish to use the Bifrost?"


     The shadow walked back and forth beneath Jak's door. The thing was going to try to eat him again. His parents wouldn't believe him that the creature visited his room at night.
     But tonight he would prove it..
     With a creak, the door opened and Jak buried himself deeper into the pile of stuffed animals in the corner of the room. Most of them had been chewed up by his dog but that was okay, it would hid his smell.
     His nightlight flickered and the door clicked shut. The creature looked like a shadow against the door but he couldn't forget that ugly mug after it and shoved its pointy teeth in his face and threatened to eat him.
     "Bobby?" The creature said in a sniveling voice. "I've come for a snack Bobby, come on Bobby, be nice."
     Jak gripped the baseball bat hard beneath the pile of stuffies. His name wasn't freaking Bobby.
     "BOB-EEEEE. I'm hungry," the creature said, and pounced onto his bed. It found nothing but a pile of pillows and it screeched in anger and ripped and shredded them with its long claws.
     Jak jumped from his hiding place and the creature swung towards him.
     It was too late, the bat was already in motion. It struck the elf-creature with all the force an eight year old could muster and sent the creature flying across the bed, hitting his floor with  a loud thump.
     "Jak?" his mother called, and pushed open his door. "You're suppose to be sleeping."
     "Mom! I caught it!" Jak cried as light flooded his room.
     "Oh my god, what the hell is that?" His mother said, and called for his father. "Henry! Henry, come here, hurry!"
     Jak let his bat drop to his side and he stared over at the black skinned, pointy eared creature.

Wild Hunt

     It's happening again.
     I stood outside my house in the large field and the wind howled around me. Angry, sounding like the call of wild dogs.
     This was the third time. I couldn't tell if it was a dream or if I was sleep walking.
     Out in the field the sound came again. A howl or the call of a horn?
     I turned and fled. Across the open grass towards the trees. Something was coming, I didn't know what, but I felt it coming for me. My whole being vibrated with the need to run and I listened to it, and my legs carried me fast across the field, my movements swift and graceful until they seemed no longer human at all.
     The sound came again and I stopped at the edge of the forest, glancing over my shoulder. My body glowed with a silver light that flared as I saw it.
     A large pack of wolf-like dogs surrounded a dozen riders on horse back, their weapons gleamed in the moonlight.
     My body screamed at me to escape.
     If could outrun them a third time, I would be free. My soul my own.
     If I could not, I'd become one of them.
     One of the Wild Hunt.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancelot_Speed     She caressed the bark of the tree, and leaned forward, resting her forehead against its rough texture. The wind blew through the branches, wiping at the leaves so they fell in multicolored swirls around her.
     Vivian swallowed hard and bit back the tears that threatened to burn tracks down her cheeks.
     “I am sorry, my love,” she whispered to th
e tree. “But it is for your own good. The things to come now.” She held her breath for a moment before letting it free. “You do not have to watch Arthur fall, to witness the world you tried so hard to built crumbled at your feet."
     Vivian touched the tree, her voice soft and full of sorrow. “Be safe here Merlin and know that I shall bare this for you, I shall watch over him when he has lost.”
     Turning from the tree, she walked a few steps before looking back at the large willow, its long tendrils of leaves drifted on the breeze.
     “And when the time comes for this world to accept all that you have to offer, you shall be there. So will I, and on that day, I hope you can forgive me.”