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Oh dear, whatever shall I do?” she asked. No one answered her question. Either way, she didn't dare ask another fairy for help. She hated being mocked and ridiculed by her peers.
Because they would laugh.
Imagine, a fairy unable to do the spell required of her.
The premonition she saw showed her a young forlorn woman. One who would someday need her help in meeting her prince.
It would require a spell that turned animals into people to escort her to a ball.
Animals into people.
Hmph, that's unheard of,” she muttered. Her wings fluttered a mere blur as she stepped out of the forest and into a clearing.
There stood a cottage and within a fenced yard three pigs lay on large pillows. Their meals were being served to them on gleaming plates.
Prize pigs.” The Fairy Godmother smiled. “I'm sure they'll make perfect practice.”

It hurt. As if someone had cut away pieces of her body. Without her gnomes, her caretakers, her guardians, she withered.
Dead and bleeding, mere ground and dust.
They were of her, made of the soil and life of the land.
Her soul went into them.
But they had been stolen from her. Ripped from her womb and lured to the surface.
Now they ran in packs like savage beasts, doing the bidding of the one who had cursed them.
Hunting and searching for a prince to devour.
They would not stop until she, Mother Earth, was tainted with his blood.

A melodic hum echoed through the dark tunnels of the mines. Little hands gripped large unyielding pickaxes and the rhythm of metal on stone joined the song.
Deep in the darkness, the jewels shine, vines of gold, oh, hi ho.”
Oh, hi O-”
“She's here!” called a voice and at once pickaxes were tossed aside. Feet pounded the mountain terrain as they navigated their way to the bright entrance.
A sign hung outside the mines, 'Dwarves at work.'
The woman kneeling, handing out food to the littlest of people, didn't see them as Dwarves, she saw them for what they truly were.
Children. Misbegotten and enslaved.
And one day she would free them.
No matter the cost.

The golden threads slithered in the black cauldron. They twinkled in the light of the torch and might be considered beautiful by some. Valuable for certain.
But above all other things they were dangerous.
To anyone who would dare to touch them and even worse for those the threads tied themselves to.
Curses, every last one of them.
Eternal sleep.
But the curse most desired was missing from the withering mass.
The one that would allow its owner to remain beautiful forever.
To remain forever.

The Twisting nether of the curse pushed inward crushing Briar within the deep realms of sleep. This was it. This time the hold wouldn't ebb and she would certainly die. 
Never setting her gaze on her family again.
She screamed and a rush of warmth swept over her as a pinprick of light appeared in the vast abyss. Briar struggled, reaching for the light. 
Had her prince finally come for her?
The curse tightened around her, unwillingly to release its hold.
The speck of light brightened and Briar's brushed the warm glow with the tips of her fingers. The light swelled until it enveloped her whole body.
But still the curse lingered.
Briar awoke with a gasp, the light faded leaving her in a room so dark she wasn't sure if she was awake or still within the cursed realm. 
Her chest rose and fell with soft erratic breaths as Briar became aware of her surroundings. Her bed, her room. But so old it was as if it had been abandoned. 
How long had she been asleep?
A cloak covered her naked body, worn but not eaten by time. Her Prince's? Where was he? Briar shifted on the bed and forced herself upright. As she did the weight of the curse bore down on her and stole the breath from her lungs.
What was happening? Had she not been freed from her spell? Had not a prince given her a kiss of true love to awaken her?
Her legs shook as she stood.
There was nothing and no one to answer her questions.
No Prince to save her from a curse that still clung to her like cobwebs.
It left her with only one choice. 
To save herself.

His fingers wove through his hair, clenching at the thick black strands. A lithesome sound danced at the edge of his hearing.
“Go away.” The guttural noise of his own voice, no more than an animals growl, twisted in his ears. He sank to the floor, the corners of the wall hugging him close on each side.
Adaris flinched away.
“Please, Master. You must eat,” Quartz said.
A granite hand touched Adaris's and he slammed against the wall, jerking his head upwards as his eyes flashed deep crimson.
Quartz, a crumbling man made of stone, starred at him with frozen, emotionless eyes. “What...what is happening to you?”
“I...I don't know,” Adarius whispered through clenched teeth.
The voice that danced at the edge of his hearing swelled, echoing throughout the castle.
“A beast within, now without, suffer for what you've done to me you dastardly Prince...”
Dead silence followed the words. He thought they had been finished with the foul thing.
But he'd never be done of it.
The Rose...” 

Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook

     I found this book a couple of months ago. It reminded me of Scrivener but on paper, which I think is a big plus, especially if you're the type of writer that enjoys writing on paper rather than digitally.
     If you click on the title, it'll take you to amazon. You can purchase the book for 23$ CAD but you can also get the individual pages on Etsy.com as a digital download and print them off. You can get these pages for FREE, if you buy the book, leave a review and send an email to the publisher with a copy of your receipt and a link to the review.
     The book contains a lot of material. I'll cover a few of them but you can see more of them at Author Zoo on Etsy. One of the first pages is a Brain Dump page. The page title really says it all. All your thoughts an idea's, just dump them onto the page. :)
     You can take your stuff from the Brain Dump page and begin fleshing it out on the Story Brainstrom. Sections for your Protagonist, Antagonist, backstories, goals, problems to solve. Setting and Place, Genre of your novel, story theme and more.
     Further in, we get more in-depth profile pages. Not just for the Protagonist and Antagonist but general character sheets as well.
     Setting Pages; Town, Years, Season. One thing I like about this page is asks you to describe the setting from the Protagonist and Antagonist POV. Have you ever seen Jack Gleeson's My God it's Sunny Outside? Quite great when it comes to viewing things from different POV's.

     It gets a little more detailed with notes for each chapter. Touching on External Conflict, Internal Conflict, Plot Points, Day Time, Setting and the Characters in the chapter.
      Some of my favourite pages in the book are the Monthly Writing Planner. Your Word Count Goal and then your actually Word Count. There's enough pages in the book to cover a years worth of writing. Not shown is a section on the side which you can fill in To-Do lists for that week.

     The book gives you a nice foot up in a lot of things you'll need to do when writing a novel. Of course everyone has their own style, their own methods. A Panster might die looking at this, while a Planner might fall in love. Personally, I like it...though as you can see, I haven't used mine yet. This isn't the only book like this on the market, if you search you might find others that suit you better. Some other pages in the book that I haven't touched on are; blank pages in the back for Notes and Scrapbook (art pages), Word Pages (pages that contain other words for 'look', go, words to describe someones voice), There are Editing Pages, Writing Exercise pages, Show - don't tell pages. Plenty to help a person along in their plans to write a novel.