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X is for...

By  Alyssa Cormier     11:21 AM    Labels:,,, 


     The shadow walked back and forth beneath Jak's door. The thing was going to try to eat him again. His parents wouldn't believe him that the creature visited his room at night.
     But tonight he would prove it..
     With a creak, the door opened and Jak buried himself deeper into the pile of stuffed animals in the corner of the room. Most of them had been chewed up by his dog but that was okay, it would hid his smell.
     His nightlight flickered and the door clicked shut. The creature looked like a shadow against the door but he couldn't forget that ugly mug after it and shoved its pointy teeth in his face and threatened to eat him.
     "Bobby?" The creature said in a sniveling voice. "I've come for a snack Bobby, come on Bobby, be nice."
     Jak gripped the baseball bat hard beneath the pile of stuffies. His name wasn't freaking Bobby.
     "BOB-EEEEE. I'm hungry," the creature said, and pounced onto his bed. It found nothing but a pile of pillows and it screeched in anger and ripped and shredded them with its long claws.
     Jak jumped from his hiding place and the creature swung towards him.
     It was too late, the bat was already in motion. It struck the elf-creature with all the force an eight year old could muster and sent the creature flying across the bed, hitting his floor with  a loud thump.
     "Jak?" his mother called, and pushed open his door. "You're suppose to be sleeping."
     "Mom! I caught it!" Jak cried as light flooded his room.
     "Oh my god, what the hell is that?" His mother said, and called for his father. "Henry! Henry, come here, hurry!"
     Jak let his bat drop to his side and he stared over at the black skinned, pointy eared creature.

About Alyssa Cormier

Born in Newfoundland and currently living in Ontario. Alyssa lives with a house full of boys, 3 sons and a husband. She is a Writer, Artist and Artisan. Who, along with running an online shop called The Night Craft, takes custom commissions, and continiously works on her writing.


  1. Omg hahaha! I love this mom and dad better believe Jak. Also, who is bobby?! /xoxomake.com #atozchallenge

    1. Heh, you think they would at this point right? It's just a name he's taunting the Jak with, or maybe a child he's already eaten. XD

  2. Awesome and I want to know who Bobby is too!


    1. Heh, a child from the creatures past perhaps? :)