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By  Alyssa Cormier     9:53 AM    Labels:,,, 


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancelot_Speed     She caressed the bark of the tree, and leaned forward, resting her forehead against its rough texture. The wind blew through the branches, wiping at the leaves so they fell in multicolored swirls around her.
     Vivian swallowed hard and bit back the tears that threatened to burn tracks down her cheeks.
     “I am sorry, my love,” she whispered to th
e tree. “But it is for your own good. The things to come now.” She held her breath for a moment before letting it free. “You do not have to watch Arthur fall, to witness the world you tried so hard to built crumbled at your feet."
     Vivian touched the tree, her voice soft and full of sorrow. “Be safe here Merlin and know that I shall bare this for you, I shall watch over him when he has lost.”
     Turning from the tree, she walked a few steps before looking back at the large willow, its long tendrils of leaves drifted on the breeze.
     “And when the time comes for this world to accept all that you have to offer, you shall be there. So will I, and on that day, I hope you can forgive me.”

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Born in Newfoundland and currently living in Ontario. Alyssa lives with a house full of boys, 3 sons and a husband. She is a Writer, Artist and Artisan. Who, along with running an online shop called The Night Craft, takes custom commissions, and continiously works on her writing.

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