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By  Alyssa Cormier     3:53 PM    Labels:,,, 

Oak King

     The staff twisted in my chest and I cried out, clenching the blackened wood.
     "Wha...what are you doing?"
     Impossible. Every year was the same, it had been the same since the dawn of the seasons when he and I came into being.
     How can he stand over me now old, hunched and withered, but strong as winter ice? It was his time to wane; my time to wax.
     The power that built in me during the winter reached its pinnacle at the spring equinox; today, and I was powerful as ever. I just wasn't powerful enough.
     He reached his hand out and pain splintered through me as he grabbed a horn. It froze over and turned brittle in his hand until it crumbled to dust.
     The pain racked my body robbing me of breath. Even at the end of summer when he came to claim my place it had never been so intense. I went willingly to my grave then, to rest and grow strong.
     Why would he not return to the ground?
     “Why, Holly King,” I gasped, the words like butterflies on my lips. My body arched beneath his staff which seemed more metal than wood.
     “Because I am strong,” the King whispered, his face twisting with mad power and loathing. “And you are not.”

About Alyssa Cormier

Born in Newfoundland and currently living in Ontario. Alyssa lives with a house full of boys, 3 sons and a husband. She is a Writer, Artist and Artisan. Who, along with running an online shop called The Night Craft, takes custom commissions, and continiously works on her writing.


  1. Oh, I think this one is my favorite yet! Very nice!

    1. Thanks, I enjoyed doing both the Holly King and the Oak King and tying them together. They definitely got my attention, interesting creatures. :)

  2. That is excellent! Reminds me a bit of spring and winter in my neck of the woods. Winter didn't quite want to let go.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. Honestly, that's exactly what I was thinking. Winter just wasn't leaving this year. XD

  3. Okay! I need to know where you find those wonderful images, I don´t know which one is the most gorgeous!

    1. If you click on most of them they bring you to the source. Some however have just popped up in void that is google search. I always tried to back track and find the original source but I suppose somewhere along the way they get lost. The ones that lead no where are ones I could not find a source for. :(