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T is for...

By  Alyssa Cormier     6:27 PM    Labels:,,, 


     "I'm hungry," I said through a yawn.
     "The others have already left," a voice said.
     I rolled onto my stomach and my wings stretched large and bright, a mixture of midnight blue and purple.
     Struggling to my feet, my talons dug into the earth as I looked over at my sister.
     "You didn't wake me?"
     She wrapped herself in her wing. "I tried, you sleep like a stone in Tartarus."
     I beat my wings and stretched, pushing myself off the ground, blasting the air towards my sister who grumbled loudly.
     It didn't take long to reach the edge of the island. Several of my other sisters sat, staring off into the distance.
     "Not yet," one said, and sighed over the rumble of her own stomach.
     "When was the last time we ate?" Another asked.
     "Too long," I said, perching on a rock.
     The day wore on until waiting became like watching sand drip through an hour glass, grain by grain.
     A blot appeared on the horizon and my wings perked up.
     "There," I said, my breath catching.
     The others came to life instantly as the blot came closer, revealing large sails.
     Joy swelled within me and it came of as a song, the soft alluring haunting melody of my people.
     Tonight we feast.

About Alyssa Cormier

Born in Newfoundland and currently living in Ontario. Alyssa lives with a house full of boys, 3 sons and a husband. She is a Writer, Artist and Artisan. Who, along with running an online shop called The Night Craft, takes custom commissions, and continiously works on her writing.